Future crude oil prices

Future crude oil prices

Kumar said that Venezuela's deteriorating economic crisis, coupled with ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, will continue to support oil prices. However, expectations of OPEC's production increase continue to rise, anFuture crude oil pricesd US oil production is also rising, which will limit oil prices. U.S. crude oil production is soaring to 0 million barrels per day, close to Russia's status as the world's largest oil producer.

Haworth said: With the increase in the number of crude oil drilling platforms, U.S. shale oil production is likely to continue to rise. This will weaken OPEC's hope that oil prices will benefit from production cuts. Judging by the signs from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and other countries, OPEC members seem to have made a good start on the issue of complying with the production reduction agreement. But Haworth also pointed out that the market may have to wait a few weeks before getting better production estimates from IEA and EIA. OPEC plans to publish its monthly crude oil report on the 8th, while the IEA monthly report will be published the next day.

Spot crude oil investment and the stock market are part of the investment market, and their market analysis methods are similar in many places. Most investors in many long-short two-way markets have also developed from stockholders. However, because the two markets are fundamentally different in some places, for example, the stock market can only buy long, while spot crude oil investment is both Can be long or short, the stock market is not leveraged, and spot crude oil investment can be small and big, and so on. There must be risks in spot crude oil investment. Any investment is risky. Risks are objective, inevitable, and under certain conditions, they also have certain regularities, which can be reduced or avoided. risks of. Therefore, we can only try to reduce the risk to a minimum, and it is impossible to completely avoid or eliminate it. To reduce the wind of spot crude oil

The Vice President of Iran stated that the United States’ plan to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero will never succeed: the United States believes that Saudi Arabia can replace our oil, but the current Iranian oil has reached more than $80 per barrel, so even if only half of the original With regard to export volume, Iran can still obtain the same income as before.

Disk language is conveyed through digital information, is related to the previous trading day in time and space, is a language that describes the battle between two forces in the market, and reflects all fundamentals and main intentions at a certain time.

This will slow down Saudi oil delivery to its two major markets, Europe and North America. At this time, the oil market was originally turbulent due to tight suFuture crude oil pricespply and increased geopolitical risks. Iran previously threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, an important maritime crude oil transportation channel, if its oil exports were blocked.

From a fundamental point of view, the current round of oil price rise is not a simple rebound, but a new round of rising cycle with a relatively long duration. This year, Brent crude oil is expected to rise to 85-90 US dollars per barrel and stabilize at this level. In a range, the annual price center is around 75 US dollars per barrel. In the next 2~years, the world will return to the cycle of high oil prices. Many experts interviewed also said that from historical experience, the improvement of supply and demand supports the upward shift of the oil price center, and geopolitics will determine the rate of increase. At present, international oil prices still have the confidence to rise.