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Newbies who are just getting involved in trading should pay attention to cultivating systematic trading thinking at the beginning, not counting temporary gains and losses, but striving for long-term stable overall income. To do this, you must learn to cho

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Venezuela is already in a state of collapse. There have been signs that the Maduro regime is fragile, including the attack on Venezuela’s Supreme Court building by mutinous helicopter pilots and a drone attack by President Maduro during a military parade

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Although the recent OPEC meeting has shown good results, and major oil-producing countries have also expressed their agreement, the internal contradictions are actually quite large, so it is still difficult to achieve real frozen production. Although Iran

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For Japan, India and South Korea, the issue of crude oil supply is indeed a balance of interests. A researcher from the Korea Energy Economics Agency said that South Korea is currently in a difficult situation because they have to take orders from the Uni

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According to the Wall Street Journal blog and Weibo, oil fields that play a central role in the prosperity of the US shale oil industry are hitting the upper limit of growth faster than expected. This unexpected development will have a huge impact on the

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Risk is to be aware of and recognize the existence of risks, and use the best method to reduce the risk of spot crude oil. Three dont do: dont do it when you are in a bad mood; dont do it when you dont understand the market; dont do it when you are in a b

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Kumar said that Venezuelas deteriorating economic crisis, coupled with ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, will continue to support oil prices. However, expectations of OPECs production increase continue to rise, and US oil production is als

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Therefore, in the absence of external influence, the U.S. oil production will maintain a continuous increase this year, and what OPEC can do is to offset the negative impact of U.S. oil production by continuously strengthening production. Earlier articles

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The International Energy Agency IEA lowered its 208-year global oil demand growth forecast in its latest monthly report, as oil prices hit their highest level in three years and curbed demand. As Venezuelas output fell sharply and the United States re-imp

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On June 25th, Beijing time, Saudi Arabia played against Egypt in the World Cup. Saudi Arabia scored two penalties to break the World Cups 24-year invincible fate, and scored two to one to kill Egypt and won the first victory of this World Cup. Some analys